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About Scottsburg New Tech High School

Scottsburg New Tech is a part of the National New Tech Network.

Scottsburg New Tech is an innovative program that engages students through project-based learning (PBL). Students take a hands on approach to drive their own success both inside and outside of the classroom. Through projects that are designed to solve real world issues, students have the opportunity to collaborate with each other to present ideas and solutions to problems. Through the use of rubrics and student ownership, students can take control of their learning and the direction their projects go. The sky truly is the limit.

Our environment continually promotes Trust, Respect, and Responsibility. These core values allow students to be involved in decision-making at a whole new level. We ask our students “What do you want your learning environment to look like?” Using these principles, students take ownership of their learning experience.

School Wide Learning Outcomes

In all classes taught at NT, we evaluate students on five different categories of success. Each of these values are modeled by our teachers and are a component of our projects. We insist that students show proficiency in collaborative skills, professionalism, technology literacy, and communication as well as content knowledge. Below is an example of a student breakdown by SWLOC: 


Community Service

We value giving back to our community and hope to instill that in every student that comes through our program. In order to receive a New Tech certification, students must complete 100 hours of community service. For more information, click here.



Advisory is designed to build on our key principles through various exercises and discussion of trust, respect, and responsibility. We also discuss many topics related to career and college readiness. Our hope is that we create a family-like atmosphere so that students can look to our staff for support as mentors as well as teachers. 

Elective / Dual Credit Choices

All Scottsburg High School students, regardless of program, can participate in all dual-credit courses and elective courses offered. All of those courses are campus-wide courses. For example, although the Journalism program is located in the NT building, students from both programs are allowed to take that class. The same would be true for a class like Dual Credit Pre Calculus which is currently located in the main building. For more information on course descriptions and dual credit opportunities, click here.

Clubs / Athletics

Students that choose NT also have the opportunity to take advantage of all the extracurricular activities offered at SHS. All clubs and sports are open to any student at SHS.

For information on athletics, click here

For information on clubs at SHS click here

Professional / Staff Development

Through extensive training and conferences, New Tech teachers have collaborated with the best PBL facilitators in the country as to how to deliver instruction using this methodology. Changing the mindset of teachers to “facilitate” learning as opposed to traditional methods such as direct instruction, this method encourages students to learn by doing. 


Scottsburg New Tech opened its doors in 2010 in a recently renovated building on the Scottsburg High School campus. In an attempt to find additional ways to reach students with different learning styles, we embarked on a mission to use project-based learning as the primary instructional method. We also set out to instill three core principles in our students: Trust, Respect, and Responsibility. We also wanted to make sure that all of our students learned the value of community service and being a part of the local community. With these three ideas in mind, our staff began a journey with a national network of nearly 200 schools to develop this idea.

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