Advisory Activities

Advisory sessions allow the New Tech teachers to meet with a small group of students twice weekly. Grade checks Mac Book checks, transcript checks, and course selections are performed to assess the academic process of each student. Future career paths, as well as ways to achieve those goals, are discussed in length to help keep students motivated and on the right path.
Advisory also provides teachers and students to come up with the rules and norms for the school together. Teachers facilitate discussion to allow students to be directly involved with the school culture. Culture is a huge part of what we hope to build through various advisory activities.
Aside from the academic benefits of Advisory, students will also participate in team building activities. In the Spring we have the New Tech Olympics: a competition between advisories. Students compete in various physical and mental events over the course of three weeks. The advisory with the most points at the end of the Olympics wins. The purpose of the fun activities is to promote team work and school spirit through our advisory program.