Career & Military Planning

Military Some students choose to serve in the military post-graduation. If this interests you, the Guidance Department strongly suggests students meet with recruiters as soon as possible to discuss the available options. Recruiters from different branches come during lunches throughout the school year, but students can come to Guidance to get direct contact information anytime.

For more information on enlisting in the military, please visit these links: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. ASVAB TEST All students considering a military path will be required to take the ASVAB. This is the military's test for determining careers. SHS administers the ASVAB to seniors in October. Students can take additional ASVAB tests with armed forces recruiters if they are interested in a military path after high school. If you would like some practice with ASVAB type questions, please check out the following: Click on the "Testing and Education Reference Center" link.   Then, click on "Career" then "Practice for a Career Related Exam" then  "Military Prep"   There are practice tests and books for ASVAB. Local Job Opportunities Scott County is home to many corporations in each of the key industries. There are many manufacturing, technology and logistics positions available to students and recent graduates. Visit this website for more information about Scott County’s major employers. Warrior Work Ethic Certification Scottsburg High School seniors are eligible to obtain the Warrior Work Ethic Certification. This is a statewide award given by the Governor of the State of Indiana. By obtaining this certification, students are able to show potential employers that they demonstrate a high level of work ethic through different criteria including: good attendance, no discipline issues, good grades, and other work related behaviors that will make them excellent employees.  A certificate signed by the Governor will be awarded to seniors obtaining this honor at the spring Senior Awards banquet in May.