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 Test Date Area Locations Registration Deadline Late Registration
Deadline (with fee)
*All 10th & 11th
graders will take
the PSAT
 October 30      Scottsburg    
 SAT August 24
October 5
November 2
December 7
March 14
May 2
June 6

IUS, Madison, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Madison, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Salem
IUS, Madison, Salem, Seymour
July 26
September 6
October 3
November 8
February 14
April 3
May 8
August 13
September 24
October 22
November 26
March 3
April 21
May 27
 ACT September 14
October 26
December 14
February 8
April 4
June 13
July 18
Madison, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Madison, Seymour
IUS, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Madison, Salem, Seymour
IUS, Seymour
August 16
September 20
November 8
January 10
February 28
May 8
June 19
August 17-30
Sept 21 - Oct  4
November 9-22
January 11-17
Feb 29 - Mar 13
May 9-22
June 20-26


Sophomore and junior students take the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) in October every year. This test is held at Scottsburg High School, and the scores can be used to predict SAT scores.

Juniors can also take the PSAT to try to qualify for the prestigious National Merit Scholarship. 

Learn more about the PSAT here.

College bound students are encouraged to take the SAT and/or ACT tests as early as the spring of their sophomore year depending on the courses they have completed. The SAT costs $49.50 - 64.50, and the ACT costs $52-68, both depending on if the essay/writing section is included. Students may take each test as many times as they would like to reach the high score possible. Most colleges SuperScore, meaning they take the highest subject score across multiple tests to create the highest total score. Most college applications are due during the fall of senior year, so students should take the tests as early as possible.

Students on free and reduced lunch and 21st Century Scholars are granted waivers for SAT and ACT. Each student will receive SAT waivers and ACT waivers. Please visit the SHS Guidance Office for more information on test waivers. Any additional testing will be parent/student's responsibility to pay for.  

Learn more about the SAT registration here
Learn more about the ACT registration here

If you are planning to take the PSAT, SAT, or ACT, you can be enrolled in an SAT or ACT preparation course at no cost to you. The exam preparation provide interactive lessons with animation and audio, printable flashcards, and full-length practice tests. If you are interested, email Mrs. Slaton at for more information.

Khan Academy also provides free PSAT and SAT preparation. Find these preparation tests on their website here.

Students interested in enlisting in the military will need to take the ASVAB placement test.  SHS administers the ASVAB to seniors in October. Students can take additional ASVAB tests with armed forces recruiters if they are interested in a military path after high school.
If you would like some practice with ASVAB type questions, please check out the following:
Click on the "Testing and Education Reference Center" link. 
Then, click on "Career" then "Practice for a Career Related Exam" then  "Military Prep" 
There are practice tests and books for ASVAB.