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About SHS

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If students don’t have a plan, their future may suffer.  Scottsburg High School provides our students four paths to guide them onto their future careers:  Path to Business Ownership, Path to College, Path to Military, and Path to Workforce.  Every student deserves a brighter future.

To support our mission, we must ask our students:  “Where do you want to go?” A dozen cities in the United States are junction cities, a place that’s on the way to somewhere else and essential to the journey.  Scottsburg High School prepares students for their path, providing a foundation, a stepping stone for our students to go somewhere else.


Core Values

Worth - Every person is created with a purpose.  We all have unique strengths, interests, skills, and needs.  We recognize the value of each other.

Safety - We provide a sanctuary for learning and development where we implement best practices for safe schools as outlined by national and state best practices.

Growth - People with a growth mindset stretch themselves, take risks, accept feedback, and take the long-term view.  Everything is hard before it is easy.  We will struggle, we will fail, we will be knocked down; however, through this process we will get better, and we will succeed in the end.

To guide our interactions with each other, our students, and our community, 
we Speak Life.  “In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” – Brennan Manning