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Canvas for Parents


Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) for all schools at Scott County School District 2. Canvas is a portal for content as well as an online system to support the flow of classwork.

Parents are encouraged to create a Canvas Parent Account. With a parent account, you are able to observe your child's account activity, including class content, assignments, and calendar. As an observer, you can log into Canvas from any computer or mobile device.

Why do parents need access? Can't we just log in as our child? There are three reasons why should create your own portal.

1.Canvas accounts will not support two simultaneous users. If you log in to check during the day, you may knock your student out of Canvas.

2. A parent observer account gets you access to all of your own student's assignments, calendar, completed work, and discussion posts. A parent that uses a student account will have access to the discussion posts of other students. Access to the schoolwork of other kids is a violation of FERPA.

3. A parent with multiple kids at SCSD2 can easily toggle between students with ONE parent account. This is a bonus.

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To set up a parent account to observe your child's activity on Canvas:

1. Go to the SCSD2 Canvas Portal. Make sure your child is with you when you do this.

You will need to know your child's Canvas ID and password.

2. Click/Touch the "Parent of a Canvas User?" link at the top right of the SCSD2 Canvas Portal page. Enter the requested information, including your personal email address.


Parent Cava sign up


3. Agree to the Terms of Use/Privacy Policy by checking the box, and then, click/press the "Start Participating" button.

4. The option to create your password for your parent account will be sent to you via an email. The email will arrive from Canvas and will be sent to the personal email address you entered in during step two. You will receive several emails from Canvas — for every course your student takes. Follow their directions to complete enrollment and be sure to find the email regarding the establishment of your password!

5. After creating a password, you will log into the SCSD2 Canvas Portal using your personal email you signed up for the parent account with and the password you created.

6. Have multiple SCSD2 students? You can observe all your SCSD2 students on your one parent account after you have an open parent account. All you have to do once you log into your parent account is to go to Settings and Add Users! For more information, visit the tutorial link below, "Linking to other SCSD2 students within your single Canvas Account."

Need help? Check out this tutorial information from Canvas (or contact SHS).

After you have created your account, you can log into Canvas from the Students & Parents tab at the top of any SCSD2 school website. You can also access Canvas by clicking/touching the SHS Canvas button, located on the right column of the SHS Homepage under Quick Links. canvas icon